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27 October 2014

Binley's Celebrates 15 Years of Working with Forfront on Pioneering NHS Software Projects

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2014 saw the 15 year anniversary of the partnership between Binley's and Forfront.

The relationship between Binley's and Forfront was initially formed in 1999, with the first brief for Forfront to establish a marketing website for all of Binley's products and services. From a very early stage the two companies worked together to find a way to solve the technical challenges in delivering different aspects of Binley's vision.

After the marketing website, in 2000 Binley’s again approached Forfront, this time to work on an ambitious project involving the creation of an online NHS and local government reference tool. As a result, the original binleysonline solution was developed, which included a three-tier subscription service where clients could receive different levels of information - including an indepth document search function.

In the years since then, Forfront has designed, developed, built and maintained every version of the binleysonline site, which is currently on version nine.

In addition to providing comprehensive contact data, the site contains a wealth of useful information including financial data, therapy expenditure and more. binleysonline contains information on over 400,000 UK NHS and local government personnel covering thousands of job responsibilities.

The partnership between the two businesses has flourished. Rather than Forfront simply working for binleysonline by responding to predetermined specifications and requirements, Forfront has collaborated and worked in tandem with Binley's to provide commercial and technical expertise.

Binley's has also trusted Forfront with its domain management, e-communication services for its clients, its own marketing e-communications and both its B2B website and its e-commerce solution. As part of the e-communication service, Binley's sends an average of 90,000 emails per week with Forfront's e-shot™ email marketing platform.

Talking about the longstanding partnership, Forfront's Marketing Manager Vicki Russell said, "Over the years our collaboration with Binley's has been exceptionally productive. We've worked with Binley's on so many exciting and forward-thinking projects such as binleysonline, as well as finding solutions for day to day issues that the company and its clients face, and we can't wait to see how our relationship progresses over the next 15 years and beyond."

About Binley's and binleysonline

Binley's is the brand name given to the range of publications and services developed and marketed by Wilmington Healthcare Ltd., part of Wilmington Group Plc.

Binley's was established in 1992 when it began researching and publishing its Directory of NHS Management. Twenty years later it has grown considerably, now employing over 140 staff and delivering an unrivalled portfolio of healthcare intelligence products and services. It is also the market leader in CRM provision to the pharmaceutical industry as well as a trusted NHS source, working with the NHS and other major NHS organisations directly to provide them with healthcare information and insight.


Forfront makes it simple for businesses to expand and grow, with a repertoire covering software development, state-of-the-art mobile apps, a suite of customisable digital marketing services, website creation, bespoke corporate branding designs, the leading email marketing product eshot™ and more.

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