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e-shot Beyond The Click - Forensic intelligence from email to website

Forensic intelligence from email to website

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"This has been an efficient, cost effective solution to marketing our company. We are delighted with the results and from the outset business has grown. The advice and support from Forfront's e-shot™ team has been exactly what we needed. I've already told a number of business contacts about the service."

Pete Wildrianne

Sales Manager, Marathon Threads

"I have recommended e-shot™ to several people and we will continue to do so. e-shot™ is simple, flexible, efficient and it gets the job done – nothing is unnecessary. It does exactly what we want it to do."

David Merry

Director, Right Casino Media

"If you are looking for a simple-to-use email marketing system supported by friendly and knowledgeable people then I recommend Forfront's e-shot™."

Geoff Begley

Director, CP Training

"e-shot™ is incredibly easy to use. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to friends and colleagues as it has done everything we wanted from an email system and more. Also, if you're interested in digital marketing then the Forfront newsletter is an invaluable update on what's happening in the industry."

David Fitzgerald

Marketing and Communications Executive, Atlas Copco

"e-shot™ is very, very easy to use and really straightforward. It guides you through and you're done. Our open rates are regularly 10 to 20% higher than the level we were expecting and click-through rates usually hit above 26% - even reaching as high as 40% if we send a particularly targeted campaign."

Dave West

IT Manager, F.H. Brundle

"e-shot™ is a cost effective, efficient and professional medium that allows us to maintain long term relationships with our customers and prospects."

Sayre Maxwell

ADP Project & Training Manager, The Agnew Group

"e-shot™ is easy to use, straightforward and highly functional. It has been brilliant for our company. The API is well ahead of the game and the developers got things done extremely quickly. In fact, the IT support and technical support in general is outstanding – I really love the service. I would without a doubt, definitely recommend e-shot™ to other companies."

Rick Xu

VP of Technology & Channel Development, Executive Grapevine

"The system is easy to use, with a number of options to refine a send and cater for data segmentation. We have seen a steady increase in our email database with the API feed to our in-house ticketing system recording subscribes and unsubscribes. Service from account handlers as well as the design and tech teams is swift and helpful."

Charlotte Avent

Email Marketing and Campaign Manager, The Ticket Machine Group

"The level of success we've had with Forfront's e-shot™ system has been incredible. Our average email open rate has been extremely consistent and, reassuringly, well above the average for sports clubs. It's often even exceeded our expectations. As our contact list has grown we expected a slight drop in engagement levels but have instead seen the opposite. e-shot™ has been very easy to use, powerful, fast and the support from the Forfront team has helped ensure everything is always working smoothly."

Rob Whittle

Marketing Manager, Norwich Football Club